Thursday, 20 December 2007

Some Pictures from our Activity Listings

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

AE Christmas Party

In the spirit of adventure, we decided not to stuff ourselves with food this xmas. Instead, we organized a jam-packed day of activities and had loads of fun.

We started off at Karkloof Canopy Tours. We have received really good feedback about Anton and his team from you guys over the last year, and I have to say they didn't let us down. Every aspect of the experience was meticulously planned and our guides were fantastic. The Canopy Tour is a series of 8 zip-lines which descend through a magnificent Indigenous Forest. The longest stretch is almost 200m and at stages we were up to 30m above the ground! This is a must-do activity for anyone visiting the Natal Midlands area.

Next, we headed off to the Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve where we went on a Game Drive on Quad Bikes. Tim Fannin, our guide for the day, was the perfect host! He is extremely knowledgeable about the reserve and the wildlife and shared some interesting anecdotes with us. The ride into the valley was fun and at times challenging as the area has received a lot of rain recently. Whilst it is perhaps taboo for the purists, there is something really special about seeing wildlife on a quad bike. Tim instructed us to stay on the track at all times and we generally travelled around at not much more than a walking pace - so for all you speed freaks, this is not for you :). If you however enjoy the great outdoors and want to see it from a different perspective, this activity comes highly recommended. We finished the day with a braai in a boma, which had been constructed amongst some enormous rocks, and then had a night drive back to the reception area.

One of the points of interest in the reserve is the ablution facility at the view point overlooking the valley. This has got to rate as the "Loo with the best view". Have you ever seen anything that could top this? If so, send us the pic and a short description of where it is and we will post them here.

Monday, 26 November 2007

Adventure Company Listings

Wow what a month we have had! We have reported on average a 30% increase in unique visits and page views. We have also had an influx of Adventure Companies wanting to list their companies on our site. If you are missing out on the exposure that your competitors are getting then click on the Add Free Listing banner on our home page and add your details.

If you would like to find out more about our paid listing options then check out the Exposure section or give our offices a call on 0861 106 638.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Special Offer for Adventure Operators

Well the festive season is just about upon us and as our Christmas gift to you we are offering the rest of this year FREE if you sign up for either a Featured or Flagship listing and pay for a year upfront by the end of November. If you are interested contact our offices.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Festive Season Adventure Functions

We recently heard from one of our Featured clients that they have had a booking as a result from listing on our site for 16 people as an end of year company function!!

If you are missing out on this and would like a piece of the action check out our listing options which start from as little as R97 a month.

Or you can send an email to and we will help you get your own activity page up and running so that you can gain maximum exposure this festive season.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

New Options for Adventure Companies

Well along with our new look site we have also relooked our different listing options and come up with some great offers!! Everyone is entitled to a FREE listing but if you would like more exposure than that check out our Listing Options from as little as R97 a month!

If you would like any more information send an email to and one of our managers will get back to you.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

New look for the site!

Well our site has recently undergone a facelift and is now live with its brand new look.

If you haven't had a chance to take a look yet don't waste anymore time check it out

Along with a number of other exciting things on the site you will notice a Free Listings banner on the top right hand corner of the homepage. If you have a friend who owns an adventure company but does not yet benefit from a FREE listing on our site then get them to click on the Free Listings banner and enter their companies details. They can also take a look at our paid listing options

Listing Options

Friday, 3 August 2007

And "action!"

If you think this guy is having a problem with his board, think again. This is what it looks like to see a pro in action. This is how it is done - the wonderful world of kite boarding. Now, don't tell me that you feel nothing when you look at that photo. Well, I suppose you could tell me that but I just would never believe you! This is a seriously cool, exciting, adrenalin-pumping, all-out adventurous activity. So if you don't want to just get up and go kite boarding right now, after looking at that photo, then I suggest you place your hand on your chest and just make sure your heart is still pumping and that you are in fact still alive. Maybe just do that now anyway, just to be sure...

Okay, so I know that flying through the air holding a gigantic kite in one hand and a board in the other may not be for everyone. And that is perfectly fine. So please don't think you need to hang your head in shame because you now feel you fall into the "boring person" category. You don't. As long as you are visiting our site, you will NEVER be boring! With so many activities to choose from, you can be assured that you can literally "pick your playground". For example, for those who prefer to sit back and relax on a boat and watch whales and dolphins, this may be all the adventure they will ever need. And who can argue with that?!

And when you have had your share of fun in the sun for the day, you could take a breather and watch the sun go down. Life doesn't get any better than that.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Okay, let me ask you this: how many of you would like to be on this boat, cruising out to sea, with the only important mission of the day to catch as many big fish as you can before hometime at 3pm? Now this is not supposed to be a challenging question, but I understand if you would like to take a moment and really think about this. I guess I could rephrase that and make it really simple: do you want to be bored, or DO YOU WANT TO HAVE FUN?!!! Talk about action and adventure and adrenalin! Thanks to Marthinus and Riana of Bollelyn Deep Sea Fishing Charters (in St Lucia) for sending us this very cool pic. If you feel like fishing, contact these guys at

There is nothing quite like riding a horse, with the sun in your face and the wind in your hair. Okay, so you might be thinking that this is exactly what happens every time you ride a quad bike on a sunny day without a helmet. Yes, you have a point there. But the experience on a horse is way different. Horses are supremely intelligent, and they have a way of knowing how to make you feel better. I am serious!!! The times I have been riding, I have felt so energetic and strong after the ride. I felt like I could carry that horse on my back! (Please do not try this at home - unless you are very, very strong). So if you feel like you need a week at a health hydro, why not skip the shredded lettuce and treat yourself to a horse safari - heal yourself the natural way, but have a whole lot of fun while you are at it. Check out our site for the nearest horse riding activity provider in your area (click on "activities"," land", and "horse trails and safaris"). This photo was very generously sent to us by Sarah at Bhangazi Horse Safaris (also in St Lucia - seems the guys in St Lucia like me!). By the way, Sarah (Burrows) is an internationally acclaimed chef who has worked in restaurants around the world. And you can be sure that she will not be feeding you shredded lettuce if you join her and Richard on a safari. She is one talented Aussie - and she makes a mean cup of tea!

And here is a piece of information for those of you who enjoy adventurous activities, but don't have a whole lot of time to venture out of the city: you can have your fun at a shopping mall! And I am not talking about selecting items off shelves and dumping them into shopping carts, although for some this may be all the adventure they need. Gateway Shopping Mall in Umhlanga offers a whole host of amazing activities, from wave riding to bungi jumping and rock climbing. Talk about a unique shopping experience.

Friday, 20 July 2007

North Coast Niceties

Okay, so I know I've left all you adventure seekers out there wondering just where on earth I have been this week. I have decided to end this dreadful suspense and just tell you. So grab that mug of coffee (or something stronger if that will make you more comfortable) and settle down to read about the thrills and spills of my week. So where have I been? Okay, okay. Here it is:

I have spent the week on the glorious North Coast of KwaZulu Natal. I found my way to the small town of St Lucia on Monday. I soon realised that I needn't have worried about not having a map for the area. If you can find your way to the main road in St Lucia, you are pretty much sorted. All roads lead to (and from) the main road! I know I said it was a small town, but don't be deceived - there is just SO much to do there. If you have never seen a whale (seeing one on TV doesn't count) or a hippo for that matter, then GET TO ST LUCIA NOW! You can have yourself a real feast of fun and adventure in this wonderful place. You can go sea kayaking, deep sea fishing on a charter, and even watch turtles when they arrive for their visit. There is also the Croc Centre for those who enjoy watching reptiles devour chunks of meat at feeding time (Crocodile Dundee would be so proud). St Lucia is a small place, but so much to do.

I made my way through Hluhluwe and met with a few safari operators in the area. These guys are so professional and you can be rest assured of a safe and successful safari with them. They take care of everything, so you really can go wild (in the wild).

On to Sodwana Bay, a small fishing town that BOOMS in season (in the summer). A scuba diver's paradise. But for those who like to stay above the water, you can go deep sea fishing. And if you want to stay out of the water altogether, then you can have fun on quad bikes and horses. You can also take to the air in a microlight, and learn to kitesurf. Point is, there are loads of fun, exciting and adventurous activities for everyone. So go to Sodwana and share the fun!

Just a friendly caution: you may want to swap your porsche for the 4x4...there are some "roads" that are beach sand roads, and I somehow don't think the Roads Department is planning on tarring these trails anytime soon. But other than that, get to Sodwana and "sea" why.

Extreme Skydiving Video

We came across this awesome video on the Internet. This takes extreme skydiving to a whole new level. Check it out here.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Virginia Airshow

It is all happening at the Virginia Air Show in Durban this weekend. Anyone with any interest in anything that can stay in the air for any period of time would find this event worthwhile. And speaking of the event, it really is one of the better organised events I have attended. From helicopters to jets to skydiving to car chases on the airstrip - never a dull moment. There is definitely something about the way an aeroplane soars through the air, it makes me want to just get in a plane and fly! I know there is a whole lot more to it than that, and I have serious respect for those guys (and girls) who have mastered the art of keeping a heavy object in the air.

So when the Virginia Air Show comes around this time next year, don't miss out. And to all you girls out there, let me just add that this aeroplane action is not just for the boys. Men in uniform sure are easy on the eye. Remember Tom Cruise in Top Gun?!!!

If you would like to try your hand at one of the many Air Experiences available throughout South Africa, simply click the Air option on the Activities button on, and you will be able to choose from hundreds of Flying Activities in 12 different categories. Don't forget, if you have had a really awesome experience, pop into our forum and tell us about it.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Bundu Bashing in the Berg

So this week I found myself in the central Drakensberg, in KwaZulu Natal. When I say “found myself”, just take it in the literal sense. There’s a whole lot I could write on the other meaning, but let's not go down that road for now. Let's leave that stuff to Oprah for the time being.

The Drakensberg must be one of the most beautiful places in South Africa. This week, being the middle of July and the middle of winter, there was snow on the mountains. That sure is a sight for sore eyes. You have to see it to believe it. And let me just add that this will be better for your soul than any viewing of The Oprah Winfrey Show. I promise. But don't just take my word for it. As they say, seeing is believing. So best you pack your trunk and head for those hills, hey!

Okay, so where there’s snow, there’s cold! If you decide to visit this spectacular place, be sure to pack in those winter warmers. It sure gets cold there. But having said that, the warmth of the people living in the area seems to make the cold bearable. You somehow forget about the cold. Maybe it’s a conspiracy; maybe they are all in on some plan to get you to not feel the cold…I don’t know. But let's not complicate things. Point is, they are such good people. Warm, friendly and inviting.

One thing’s for sure, you will not have an idle moment if you are planning on visiting the area. There is a heap of adventurous activities to keep you entertained and to keep that adrenalin pumping. If you find your way to the R600 (just off the Loskop road), and if river rafting, quad biking, mountain boarding and other fun activities are your thing, you can visit Four Rivers Rafting and go wild. Further along the R600 you will find the delightful Scrumpy Jack’s. Here, you can chose to tone things down a bit and go horse riding with Khotso Horse Trails, on one of their friendly horses, or you can stick around and watch Deon from Deon's Honey Products demonstrate the fascinating journey of bees. Deon makes the most awesome honey brittle – you just have to try it out for yourself. Especially the cashew honey brittle. Yum.

Scrumpy Jack’s is like a little "hive" of activity all on its own. You will find the locals meeting up there over strong cups of filter coffee and discussing what’s hot and happening, and what is so not (hot or happening). So if you can’t find a newspaper anywhere, just pop in there and get yourself in the loop and informed!

I made my way further along the R600 to Dragon Peaks Park. This is also a seriously cool place to be with loads of activities on the go. For those who are not afraid to get high, you can go for a flip in a chopper over the mountains with Brett from Westline Aviation. How cool is that?!

I also made the great trek up to the Northern Drakensberg to catch up with Chris from All Out Adventures. What a fantastic guy. His energy is contagious. This is one place you HAVE to visit. There are all sorts of swings and jumps and slides to try out, and judging from the squeals of delight from the "swingers", it is definitely a must. If you would prefer to stay grounded, you can also have some serious fun on the quad bikes or get physical with paint ball.

So let me round off by saying that the Central Drakensberg is most certainly the place to be. Get yourself a map of the activities in the area, and go wild! Why? Because you can!

Saturday, 7 July 2007

South Coast Escapades

Hey folks. Welcome to my first edition of our seriously cool blog. I have to just warn you all that this will become highly addictive, so walk away from your screen now if you want to miss out on the action and adventure. If you (wisely) decide to stay put, good choice. You will read all about my meandering experiences - from coast to country. I must also just warn you that you that should you find yourself turning slightly green (with envy, of course, not because you are sea sick or something weird) we recommend you get onto our site and find the activity closest to your area and do it immediately. The rush of skydiving or kite surfing or quad biking or whatever it is that will blow your hair back is guaranteed to sort you out, no problem.

So I spent this last week on the sunny South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. I always find myself immediately shifting down into slow gear when I'm in this part of the world - they don't call it the "slow coast" for nothing. Everyone seems chilled out and mellow. Very cool. I met a bunch of people, all offering different activities ranging from biking trails to scuba diving to ocean expeditions and go-karting. No shortage of fun and adventurous stuff to do there.

I had the most amazing experience at Ocean Trails Equestrian Centre based at the Wild Coast Sun. I was met by the very chilled out owner, Bridget. She invited me to go along for a horse ride on the beach. It was absolutely fantastic. This is something you have to do if you are anywhere near the Wild Coast Sun. Bridget knows her stuff when it comes to her horses, so don't panic if you aren't a regular rider. Check out their page on our site for more info.