Friday, 20 July 2007

North Coast Niceties

Okay, so I know I've left all you adventure seekers out there wondering just where on earth I have been this week. I have decided to end this dreadful suspense and just tell you. So grab that mug of coffee (or something stronger if that will make you more comfortable) and settle down to read about the thrills and spills of my week. So where have I been? Okay, okay. Here it is:

I have spent the week on the glorious North Coast of KwaZulu Natal. I found my way to the small town of St Lucia on Monday. I soon realised that I needn't have worried about not having a map for the area. If you can find your way to the main road in St Lucia, you are pretty much sorted. All roads lead to (and from) the main road! I know I said it was a small town, but don't be deceived - there is just SO much to do there. If you have never seen a whale (seeing one on TV doesn't count) or a hippo for that matter, then GET TO ST LUCIA NOW! You can have yourself a real feast of fun and adventure in this wonderful place. You can go sea kayaking, deep sea fishing on a charter, and even watch turtles when they arrive for their visit. There is also the Croc Centre for those who enjoy watching reptiles devour chunks of meat at feeding time (Crocodile Dundee would be so proud). St Lucia is a small place, but so much to do.

I made my way through Hluhluwe and met with a few safari operators in the area. These guys are so professional and you can be rest assured of a safe and successful safari with them. They take care of everything, so you really can go wild (in the wild).

On to Sodwana Bay, a small fishing town that BOOMS in season (in the summer). A scuba diver's paradise. But for those who like to stay above the water, you can go deep sea fishing. And if you want to stay out of the water altogether, then you can have fun on quad bikes and horses. You can also take to the air in a microlight, and learn to kitesurf. Point is, there are loads of fun, exciting and adventurous activities for everyone. So go to Sodwana and share the fun!

Just a friendly caution: you may want to swap your porsche for the 4x4...there are some "roads" that are beach sand roads, and I somehow don't think the Roads Department is planning on tarring these trails anytime soon. But other than that, get to Sodwana and "sea" why.

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