Saturday, 28 July 2007

Okay, let me ask you this: how many of you would like to be on this boat, cruising out to sea, with the only important mission of the day to catch as many big fish as you can before hometime at 3pm? Now this is not supposed to be a challenging question, but I understand if you would like to take a moment and really think about this. I guess I could rephrase that and make it really simple: do you want to be bored, or DO YOU WANT TO HAVE FUN?!!! Talk about action and adventure and adrenalin! Thanks to Marthinus and Riana of Bollelyn Deep Sea Fishing Charters (in St Lucia) for sending us this very cool pic. If you feel like fishing, contact these guys at

There is nothing quite like riding a horse, with the sun in your face and the wind in your hair. Okay, so you might be thinking that this is exactly what happens every time you ride a quad bike on a sunny day without a helmet. Yes, you have a point there. But the experience on a horse is way different. Horses are supremely intelligent, and they have a way of knowing how to make you feel better. I am serious!!! The times I have been riding, I have felt so energetic and strong after the ride. I felt like I could carry that horse on my back! (Please do not try this at home - unless you are very, very strong). So if you feel like you need a week at a health hydro, why not skip the shredded lettuce and treat yourself to a horse safari - heal yourself the natural way, but have a whole lot of fun while you are at it. Check out our site for the nearest horse riding activity provider in your area (click on "activities"," land", and "horse trails and safaris"). This photo was very generously sent to us by Sarah at Bhangazi Horse Safaris (also in St Lucia - seems the guys in St Lucia like me!). By the way, Sarah (Burrows) is an internationally acclaimed chef who has worked in restaurants around the world. And you can be sure that she will not be feeding you shredded lettuce if you join her and Richard on a safari. She is one talented Aussie - and she makes a mean cup of tea!

And here is a piece of information for those of you who enjoy adventurous activities, but don't have a whole lot of time to venture out of the city: you can have your fun at a shopping mall! And I am not talking about selecting items off shelves and dumping them into shopping carts, although for some this may be all the adventure they need. Gateway Shopping Mall in Umhlanga offers a whole host of amazing activities, from wave riding to bungi jumping and rock climbing. Talk about a unique shopping experience.

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