Saturday, 7 July 2007

South Coast Escapades

Hey folks. Welcome to my first edition of our seriously cool blog. I have to just warn you all that this will become highly addictive, so walk away from your screen now if you want to miss out on the action and adventure. If you (wisely) decide to stay put, good choice. You will read all about my meandering experiences - from coast to country. I must also just warn you that you that should you find yourself turning slightly green (with envy, of course, not because you are sea sick or something weird) we recommend you get onto our site and find the activity closest to your area and do it immediately. The rush of skydiving or kite surfing or quad biking or whatever it is that will blow your hair back is guaranteed to sort you out, no problem.

So I spent this last week on the sunny South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. I always find myself immediately shifting down into slow gear when I'm in this part of the world - they don't call it the "slow coast" for nothing. Everyone seems chilled out and mellow. Very cool. I met a bunch of people, all offering different activities ranging from biking trails to scuba diving to ocean expeditions and go-karting. No shortage of fun and adventurous stuff to do there.

I had the most amazing experience at Ocean Trails Equestrian Centre based at the Wild Coast Sun. I was met by the very chilled out owner, Bridget. She invited me to go along for a horse ride on the beach. It was absolutely fantastic. This is something you have to do if you are anywhere near the Wild Coast Sun. Bridget knows her stuff when it comes to her horses, so don't panic if you aren't a regular rider. Check out their page on our site for more info.

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