Sunday, 15 July 2007

Virginia Airshow

It is all happening at the Virginia Air Show in Durban this weekend. Anyone with any interest in anything that can stay in the air for any period of time would find this event worthwhile. And speaking of the event, it really is one of the better organised events I have attended. From helicopters to jets to skydiving to car chases on the airstrip - never a dull moment. There is definitely something about the way an aeroplane soars through the air, it makes me want to just get in a plane and fly! I know there is a whole lot more to it than that, and I have serious respect for those guys (and girls) who have mastered the art of keeping a heavy object in the air.

So when the Virginia Air Show comes around this time next year, don't miss out. And to all you girls out there, let me just add that this aeroplane action is not just for the boys. Men in uniform sure are easy on the eye. Remember Tom Cruise in Top Gun?!!!

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