Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Abseiling in Lesotho

This photo will be entered into our 'hall of fame'! The picture was submitted by Steve Pike of Wavescape.co.za - the little yellow spec on the top left is Steve abseiling down the side of the waterfall in Lesotho. Steve said the abseil was about 30 minutes and was a mind-blowing experience. The sound of the waterfall next to him was deafening! Lesotho is entirely landlocked by South Africa and is sometimes referred to as the mountain kingdom, as most of the country is above 10,000ft (3000m). Lesotho is within driving distance of most major cities in South Africa and boasts a number of adventure activities, including, mountain biking, 4x4 tours and trails, Skiing and Snowboarding, Hiking, Mountain Climbing and Gliding.

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