Saturday, 31 May 2008

Fax2Email - A great resource for travellers

We have just come across this great resource for travelers - Fax2Email. Picture this scenario: you are happily traveling across South Africa with not a care in the world, when your passport is uplifted by an unsavoury member of society. In order to get your new passport, you need to have a copy of your ID document faxed from your home town in Lithuania.

Unfortunately, your mother has not yet discovered how to scan and email, as her first PC is barely two days old and finding the on/off switch is already presenting a problem. She has a fax machine, and after 7 years training, has finally figured out how to use it. Unfortunately however, you do not have access to a fax machine and are not quite sure where your next pitstop is going to be!

Enter Fax2Email - sign up for a Free Fax2Email number and you can have your own virtual fax number for life in seconds! Any faxes sent to this number will be routed to your email address (Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo or other) and you can access your fax whenever you log in to your email on your laptop, mobile phone or at an Internet Caffe. NB - unlike other similar services offered, you CAN receive inbound Internation Faxes to your virtual fax2email number!!

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