Monday, 12 May 2008

Indaba 2008 - we were there...

We have just come back from Day 1 of the Internet Marketing Seminar held at Indaba 2008 in Durban. SA Tourism managed to round up an excellent selection of speakers, including Rob Stokes from Quirk, Grant Lapping from Acceleration Media and Stafford Massi (Country General Manager - Google South Africa). Rob had a very interesting and insightful presentation on online reputation managenent and was later joined by Stafford in a whirlwind overview of SEO. It was extremely interesting to listen to their different viewpoints on the importance of organic versus paid search and Stafford made some interesting comments on upcoming enhancements to Google SA. The good news for SA Internet Users, if one is to trust Stafford's crystal ball, is that Pricing will drop drastically and access increase substantially in the next 18 month's, as competitors rapidly break down Telkom's monopoly. Good news for both local and international tourists wanting to stay in touch with family, friends and communities!


Pam Hoffman said...

Is this a one-day event? Can you add start & end date?

I want to track it for the future events for my blog.

I'm not sure where in the world Durban (a city?) is.

I'm putting the information I can into my database, any help you can offer would be wonderful!

Pam Hoffman

Amper said...

Hi Pam,

Durban is a city on the East Coast of South Africa. Indaba is South Africa's largest tourism showcase and is held annually over 4 days. This year SA tourism organised a two day Internet Marketing seminar, aimed at the travel industry. It was fully subscribed and was the biggest Internet Marketing seminar in SA to date. More information from the Indaba site here -