Friday, 23 May 2008

Mitsubishi Spirit of Africa

Sarel van der Merwe, South Africa's most respected rally driver, has teamed up with Mitsubishi Motors to create an annual 4x4 elimination event, called the Spirit of Africa.

"The Spirit of Africa Trophy is a test of 4x4 driving created for those who want to test their own skills against the toughest African conditions and against other serious 4x4 teams all over Southern Africa. The Spirit of Africa Trophy is a unique and challenging test of 4x4 driving skills for contestants."

The elimination round of the event starts tomorrow in Northern Kwazulu-Natal. The top sixteen teams will then be invited to compete in the finals, for the Spirit of Africa Trophy, which takes place in neighbouring Mocambique. The prize is an all expenses paid trip for the winning team to any Motorsport event in 2009. You have probably missed your chance to enter this event, but keep an eye out for next year's event on the Spirit of Africa website.

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