Saturday, 7 June 2008

Glen Dell - Red Bull Air Race Rookie

Eight times SA National Aerobatic Champion and Advanced World Aerobatic Champion (2004) is competing in his first season of the Red Bull Air Race circuit. By all accounts Glen has had an excellent start to the season with 3 races already completed. In the first race he was able to take a remarkable 10 seconds off his first run time - this is like shaving 30 seconds off the mile! Glen is looking to get familiar with his new aircraft (Edge 540) and the pylon racing format this year and hopes to compete aggressively for the title next year. Notwithstanding that, he is currently ranked 11th in this years competition and is tipped as the man to watch. We wish him all the best - keep on flying the South African Flag. If you are looking at some inverted time or would like to hone your flying skills, check out the Aerobatics operators here.

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