Monday, 21 July 2008

Featured Activity - SkydiveKZN

Michael and Roy, our first-rate colleagues from and their crew, did a fantastic job of providing a tandem skydive to our lucky winner of the Salt Water Girl magazine skydive competition, Marlise Bosch.

First time jumper Marlise, her mother having completed several jumps herself, was buoyant in the presence of her family and at no point showed signs of second thoughts. Her confidence was further inspired by the tremendous professionalism and enthusiasm displayed by Michael, Roy and the SkydiveKZN team.

After boarding the plane and watching it take off, the next glimpse we saw of her and her jump partner was them falling from the sky. A smooth landing took place on the grass area in front us while Marlise, looking very content, was sporting a massive adrenalin fueled smile. An hour later it was still there! Her only comment after landing was "Wow, that was mindblowing, the best adventure ever" Which we feel says a lot considering she bungee jumped at 13! wishes to thank SkydiveKZN and Salt Water Girl magazine for partnering us on this initiative.