Friday, 18 July 2008

Lewis Pugh - Adventure Personality

Lewis Gordon Pugh is a man on a mission, an environmental mission to be specific. Having just become the first person to complete a long distance swim at the Geographic North Pole, in temperatures ranging from 1.7ºC and 0ºC, he is now planning a 1200km solo Kayak trip from Svalbard (Norway) to the North Pole.

Apart from yet another test of his amazing endurance skills, he is trying to create greater legal protection for the area, through his Polar Defense Project and will plant 192 Flags (One for every country in the world) when he reaches the North Pole.

Lewis is well equipped to tackle this crusade, as he studied law at UCT in Cape Town, as well as the University of Cambridge and then went on to become a Maritime lawyer in London. He now spends most of his time lobbying world leaders to protect the environment. supports his cause and wishes him well on his journey.

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