Sunday, 13 July 2008

Long Walk To Free Fall

In addition to the thrill that is consequence of flinging oneself off a very high structure; another aspect to the Bloukrans Bungy is the hair-raising walk that takes you to the jump site.

The Bloukrans River Bridge situated on the N2 highway east of Plettenberg Bay does encompass the world’s largest single span concrete arch and while traffic passes overhead, Bungy jumping takes place from the platform at its centre.

One way of getting to the top of the arch is to proceed down an elongated catwalk mounted to the underside of the road. This specially designed catwalk is the same in length as the bridge is in height, thus necessitating a seemingly endless 216 meter trip. It’s also 216 meters above ground and is in essence a see through steel grid making walking on it somewhat daunting.

Fortunately as an alternative you can now go via The Flying Fox, a 200 meter cable slide that is the newest addition to the Bloukrans offering.

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