Saturday, 2 August 2008

Adventure Activity Operators - Special Offer!

If you own or operate an Adventure Activity or Experience in South Africa, stop what you are doing and look carefully at this post. is currently on a big drive to add Flagship Listings to it's site. In the next six months, one of our business advisors will be visiting you with an incredible offer. For only R197 per month, you can get National and International exposure to a targeted audience of Adventure Travellers, which will increase your revenue radically.

We already have many satisfied Adventure Activity operators on our site, with one having received enquiries for about R25,000 worth of business in the past month - not a bad return on an investment of R197!!

The initial offer of R197 per month for the Flagship Listing is limited to the first 30 Adventure Activity providers that sign up in each Province. If you miss the boat, you can still get access to all the great benefits of our Flagship Listing, but the monthly cost will be R297 per month.

We are looking forward to meeting you all personally in the next few months and discovering the amazing adventures that you offer.

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