Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Adventure Personality - Thinus Botha

Thinus Botha did the 216m Bloukrans Bungee jump this weekend with his son, the highest Commercial Bungee jump in the world! The adventure outing gave Thinus the opportunity to bond with his eldest son and together they conquered their fears.

Impressive? Well of course it is, but that is only a small part of Thinus's amazing story. His adventure began just over a year ago, on the morning of his 44th Birthday. His wife's Birthday present to him, was an Activity Gift - a Bungee Jump at the Bloukrans Bungee!

Unfortunately Thinus was unable to go as he was still feeling 'funny', after a paddling event two days earlier. His wife took him to their GP, who did some tests on him. The Doctor immediately put him in ICU, after the tests revealed that he had a heart attack two days before! Two days later, he had a bypass operation and as he says very nonchalantly, "the rest is history".

One would think that after such a traumatic event, Thinus would have gone through life at a more sedate pace? This has definitely NOT been the case! Although I am sure there are elements of his lifestyle that he has been forced to change, Thinus was more determined than ever to lead an active, outdoor lifestyle.

Six months after his heart attack, he participated in the Duzi Canoe Marathon for the first time with his eldest son. He unfortunately had to withdraw on the morning of the last day after his son cut his knee badly on day one and it got badly infected. Thinus now plans to do both the Breede and Fish River Canoe Marathons later this year with his youngest son.

Yesterday, almost a year after his life-changing experience, he finally got to do the Bloukrans Bungee Jump. Standing at the launch point ready to jump, he must have had mixed feelings, but he took a leap of faith and will continue to follow his new motto - "Let's stay Active!".

AdventureEscapades.co.za salutes Thinus Botha, a proud father and husband with a 'never say die' attitude. He is an inspiration to all of us!

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