Saturday, 23 August 2008

Animals & Humans

There are several activities featured on our website that involve interaction with the animal kingdom, in the wrong hands, this can either be dangerous to humans or harmful and cruel to the specie in question. does not condone, and will not align ourselves, with any such irresponsible operator.

The reality is whether its horse riding, snake courses or whale watching, we will only promote animal activity listings that are run by responsible individuals who are passionate about what they do, are dedicated conservationists, and who conform to the standards set out by their respective governing bodies.

Just as one wouldn’t willingly go up in a helicopter with somebody who doesn’t have a pilot’s license, it would be equally as silly to take a snake course with somebody who isn’t FGASA approved.

FGASA stands for Field Guide Association of South Africa, and their function (as taken from their website) is as follows.

Quality-assure and moderate nature guiding qualifications.
Endorse and quality-assure training providers and trainers of nature guiding unit standards.
Quality-assure and develop qualified nature guide assessors and moderators.
Enhance the credibility of field guiding and tracking in Southern Africa.
Encourage guides to achieve higher levels of professionalism, and thereby improve the quality of service to and safety of the visitors both local and international.

Just, something to ponder on.

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