Thursday, 7 August 2008

Fax2Email - Great Travellers Resource

Tired of lugging your old bulky fax Machine around, had enough of never finding a phone point to plug it into while preparing for that sunset skydive, heart pumping bunji jump, or early morning surf, We Have the Solution For You.

While the above mentioned scenario is under no circumstances practical, there is a great need in this fast paced world to be able to readily gain access to urgent documentation. This is where Fax to e-mail has changed the way we do things.

Our Fax to e-mail product enables you to receive faxes in the form of a PDF file which goes to whichever e-mail address you provide us with, meaning that you only need one number, to access your faxed documents from anywhere in the world. Your number is automatically allocated and e-mailed to you as soon as you register. To register the only action required is that you go to our registration page and enter your e-mail address, then simply click submit.

There are a number of advantages with respect to fax to e-mail:

  • You get to keep your number regardless of how many times you move, no more headache of having to get phone lines installed.
  • Access to faxed documents wherever in the world you may find yourself, along as there is internet connectivity, you’re in business.
  • Privacy, your private documents will no longer lie around on the fax machine waiting for others to advertently, or inadvertently, view them.
  • You will save money not having to pay for those pesky Ink cartridges.
  • Paper will no longer be wasted on junk mail, if you don’t like what you see, you can make it go away by simply hitting the delete button.
  • And lastly in an office environment, where perhaps there would be high volumes of paper coming through, intended for numerous people within in the organization, all employees are now able to have their faxes come directly to them, thus doing away with the mundane and time wasting task, of having to sort through piles of paper.

This is a truly innovative product that is yours for Free - Register now.

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