Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Kart Racing, “Kyalami Kart Circuit.”

As South Africa’s market leader in the online promoting of Adventure Activity, AdventrueEscapades.co.za does on a regular basis get to meet with adventure sports entrepreneurs, those in the industry who pride themselves in raising the bar, Giba Gorge, Cyclone Extreme, and Oribi’s Wild 5, are among many, that come to mind.

In our travels we recently encountered another company that definitely fits that mold; I refer to “Kyalami Kart Circuit.” These speed merchants run an excellent facility, and have clearly spared no expense. Their operation is very impressive.

As much as the circuit was designed for professional kart racing, they do cater for just about any level of proficiency and is the venue of choice, for corporate kart entertainment.

The multi-level tar surfaced track is 845m long and is lined with tyre barriers on both sides for driver protection. Designed by 125cc MAX World Champion Claudio Piazza-Musso, there is a combination of fast and slow corners allowing for all, driver skill to be challenged.

The circuit which was also built with development training in mind is owned by Giovani and Paolo Piazza-Musso, along with partners Winston and Grant Wentzel, its Grant who manages the facility and they all share a vast knowledge of motorsport. They have succeeded in creating a one stop Kart Superstore, go see it for yourself.

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