Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Orlando Towers, Awsome today had one of those days that won’t be forgotten for a very long time. We got to spend the day with Sue, Chris and crew from Orlando Towers and got to experience their trademark power swing, from the top of Soweto’s landmark cooling towers.

For those of you who haven’t seen any of the press coverage or aren’t regular readers of this blog, Orlando Towers Vertical Adventure Center, is a proudly South African, WORLD FIRST, and is a must do activity for all adventure enthusiasts.

The power swing involves jumping off a specially designed platform mounted to the edge of one of the two towers. In order to proceed to the top, a rigging session with the assistance of a crew member has to take place first, harnesses are fitted and clips are double checked.

The lift in itself is an Adventure Activity. There is no doubt, that with its several emergency break systems in place, safety needn’t be a concern, it is however something worthy of being called unique. It is for all intents and purposes, a big cage like apparatus that moves on a rail mounted to the side. Although the rail goes straight up, the tower’s profile consists of an inward curve, which essentially means that the lift moves along a bow shaped path, and almost illogically, does so without impediment.

From the lift, there is a short steel grid type stairwell which leads to the jump platform; it is at this point that the rope gets attached to the harness. Upon moving around the safety railing towards the edge, a short countdown follows, and then from nerve wrenchingly high position, a heart pumping leap is taken.
The rope is itself attached via mechanism to a set of cables that run from one tower to the other. The said mechanism is very well placed to create a perfect pendulum for the swing to carry straight through the middle of the two structures. It is smooth and exhilarating ride and is SO MUCH FUN. Its one of those amazing thrills that cannot be described, it has to be experienced.

A BIG THANK YOU to Sue, Chris, Vernon and the rest of the Orlando Towers team, for a fantastic day out. Well Done on a Brilliant Adventure Concept.

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Gary said...

Hey Ern, What an awesome experience - wish I could have joined you!!