Sunday, 10 August 2008

Personality Profile: Patrick Kaye “Horseman”, does get to meet some interesting people, Patrick Kaye “Horseman,” is about as interesting as they get. While at his riding school near Kaylami, it was easy to relax and forget the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg. After being made to feel most welcome, I took a walk with him to his training paddock, where I got to see him in action.

He did at the time, have a training session going with a pleasant young lady and her horse, who Patrick assures me, is going to be championship pair. He explained that he’s a horse talker, not whisperer, his philosophy is that you need to appeal to the horses intellect, and whispering is for secrets. At first, it all sounded a bit outlandish, however seeing is believing, and the horse was definitely responding to his every instruction.

His specialty it seems is working with problem horses, he is for some, the last resort when all else fails. The horse at hand was apparently given up on by the conventional training fraternity, and it was in fact recommended that he be put down. While Patrick and I talked, the pair put on a magnificent and disciplined display of horsemanship for us.

It was exceedingly evident that Patrick Kaye “Horseman” is very anti, established training methods; he believes they are about inflicting discomfort, to manipulate the beast into doing what you want. His school of thought is to get the horse to relate, and to want to perform for you. According to Patrick, where a dog memorizes and responds to up to 30 words, a horse can learn up to 100.

Like all who dare to be different, Patrick Kaye has endured his share of criticism. He was once, at an Inanda event, told by an angry official to "join a circus," after being eliminated for riding without a bridle.

To the contrary, his accomplishments tell a different storey. He had five placings in the Toyota Open and a fourth place in the All England Showjumping Championships at Hickstead. He also trained the first South African schoolboy team to compete in the National Schools Championships in England; they ended second out of 140 global entrants., wishes Patrick Kaye “Horseman” and his trainee’s the best of success.


jo said...

looking at bringing you to queensland austraila for pony club if you are interested

horseman said...

Morning JO,
I have only just come across this site. So I wasn't ignoring you.
If you are still interested in "FreeForm Riding" please email me at
Yours Positively,
Patrick Kaye

Evi said...

I believe Patrick has a new website: which is well worth looking at for more info on his methods.