Sunday, 17 August 2008


Sandboarding is a high speed adventurous activity that involves participants gliding across sand dunes while ether attached to a board, or balancing on a board that has no bindings. With the latter considered the more dangerous of the two, it is best suited for the more experienced rider.

Although the sport has developed a global following, it tends to be most prevalent in desert or coastal areas where sand and dunes are found in abundance.

South Africa presents perfect conditions in which this sport should thrive and with Johannesburg and Cape Town offering great Sandboarding venues and facilities, SA participants will no doubt continue to grow in numbers.

According to WikipediA, Erik Johnson, a professional snowboarder and sandboarder, holds the Guinness World Record for Speed on a Sandboard at 51 mph. They also say that unofficial speeds of 60 mph have reportedly been clocked.

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