Tuesday, 26 August 2008

SkydiveKZN, People In High Places.

We at AdventureEscapades.co.za can honestly say we do know people in high places, lots of them in fact. Take Roy Steemson of SkydiveKZN for example; when Roy isn’t jumping out of aeroplanes, or bringing joy into the lives of the orphans from St Martins, he basically does what most skydivers do, he spends his time hanging around, though in his case, it actually does involve a rope.

Roy is a partner in a business called “Specialized Access Services” and what it is they specialize in, is getting to places us ordinary folk daren’t go. He’s been known to hang around the side of the ABSA Stadium, oil rigs, the top of Gateway Shopping mall, the Durban ICC and many other very high places, in various parts of the world.

Roy has an I.R.A.T.A level 3 qualifications which means he is very well trained and subscribes to the highest standard of competency, so, if it’s an “Oak on a Rope” you’re looking for, give Roy a call. If it’s hurtling through the Kwazulu Natal skies at tremendously high speeds that grabs you, it’s probably best to speak to Mike Nyman, his partner in the SkydiveKZN venture. Mike is the managing member and it is he who takes care of that aspect of the operation.

For our international readers who might not know, the word “Oak” is common slang in South Africa for “Salt of the Earth” type people.

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