Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Snowboarding in Southern Africa

Snowboarding is an extremely exciting Adventure Escapade that one doesn’t naturally associate with sunny South Africa. Peter Peyper, chairman of “Snowboarder Club Of Southern Africa” is on a mission to change that perception and to introduce new people to this unique and awesome sport.

He informs us that Southern Africa enjoys snow for the entire duration of winter, boasting 2 active ski resorts and 2 dedicated parks, as well as riders who are committed to putting Southern African snowboarding, on the map.

Their objectives are as Follows:

1) To Develop, Promote and raise Awareness of Snowboarding and Freestyle Skiing in Southern Africa.

2) To increase access and increase the participation base of the sport amongst all aspirant board riders and freestyle skiers, especially the youth.

3) To Promote and Encourage freestyle competition amongst SA's Snowboarding and Freestyle skiing community by managing, running and developing the "Aces Up Tour" – the SA Pro/Am freestyle Snowboarding and Skiing circuit.

4) To provide a starting point for access to international freestyle skiing and snowboarding Competitions by interested South African athletes. These events include Slopestyle, Air and Style and Boarder Cross events, including building affiliations with FIS and TTR.

5) To invest in 'Park', Boarder Cross and Snowboarding type equipment and infrastructure( e.g. snowboards, helmets, rails and jumps) in order to increase the variety and quality of freestyle riding in SA.

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