Friday, 22 August 2008

'"The Woods" Paintball

(Photograph by Danny De Bruyne, Cell: 0826655069)

If you go down to “The Woods” today, you’re in for a big surprise and it’s got nothing to do with three Bears. The woods I’m thinking of, on Riversands farm near Fourways Johannesburg, might just get you caught in a crossfire of paintball.

There are plenty of paintball venues in and around Johannesburg, none like this though. The challenge is that geographically, Johannesburg is by and large, flat dry and open, which means the rule, rather than the exception, is that hiding places are constructed from tyres, sandbags, or even concrete.

Then there’s “The Woods”

Owners Julian, Cecil and Bernard are fortunate enough to have something many of his local competitors don’t, a piece of land about the size of a football field which uncharacteristically has rows of trees on it, making for an excellent paintball War Zone. Situated next to a picturesque dam and with its forest like setting, the venue encourages participants to bring friends and family, and make a day of it.

For more information about “The Woods” Paintball, and to find out exactly how challenging the course is, CLICK HERE.

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