Friday, 5 September 2008

Chris Beasley, Adventure Personality

Yesterday we unashamedly implied a connection to Wayne Rooney because he, in 2006; happened to get his picture snapped while playing paintball on the other side of the world in Manchester England.

Other than the famous Mr. Rooney, Delta Force Paintball in the UK does boast a very impressive, who’s who list of celebrities that have also had the pleasure. Those among them include Brian May of Queen, World Champion boxer Amir Khan, John Terry, plenty of other premiership footballers, as well as Hugh Laurie of Dr. House fame.

Never to be outdone by a bunch of minor stars, (to be taken with a pinch of salt) we at are proud to be associated with Christopher Beasley who plays the part of Len Cooper in Isidingo, a favorite South African television drama.

While immensely popular, Isidingo is somewhat of a soap opera and although it has been on for years, admittedly, I have never watched a single episode of it. What I find strange though is, that when I tell people we attached a rope to a body harness, and then jumped off a very high cooling tower in Soweto, the first question I,m asked is, “What’s Chris like as a person?” Go Figure….

He is in fact, very down to earth, (pun intended) with a great sense of humor and is one of those people who nothing seems to big a challenge for. Besides also being a South African champion skydiver, the Orlando Towers Vertical Adventure project, which he is very much a part of, is really something special and is also a world first.

Besides their trademark Power Swing, a must do activity for all adventure seekers; they also have big ambitions of developing the site into a fully fledged vertical adventure centre which will include abseiling, bungee jumping, rap jumping, climbing and an entertainment area, that will service the surrounding community.

We wish all involved at Orlando Towers the very best of success, and salute their originality.

PS. Chris next time we meet, please remind me to get an autograph for Gary’s daughter Amy, she still hasn’t forgiven me for having forgotten last time …..thanks

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