Monday, 15 September 2008

Dining With Crocodiles

Eating crocodile! In the presence of crocodiles! Is this something you would do?

It’s always good to find interesting new adventure activity to report back on, and today, we came across something really exciting that definitely won’t, we are assured, cost participants an arm and a leg. visited the Phezulu Safari Park just 35 Kl from Central Durban in Kwazulu Natal, where we were introduced to their Fear Factor Challenge.

Before we go into it, it’s worth noting that Phezulu, is situated overlooking the amazingly picturesque, Valley of a 1000 Hills, and is a private nature reserve that has been around for more than twenty years.

Individuals involved are experts on wildlife behavior and pride themselves on presenting visitors with a unique safe and unforgettable experience. Activities available include Game Park Drives, A Zulu Cultural Village Tour, A Traditional Zulu Dancing Show, Crocodile and Snake Parks, as well as their now famous Croctilians Restaurant.

The Fear Factor Challenge presents the opportunity to dine with crocodiles. The meal, needless to say is crock meat (a choice of kebab or steak) served with chips and a helping of salad. Strangely enough, the crocodiles appear to be very accommodating hosts, those in the above picture don’t look the slightest bit concerned, especially the gentleman at the back. (Maybe just a little)

A Nice Touch…..
Participants are presented with an “I ate crock with crocks” memento certificate.

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