Sunday, 28 September 2008

Fusion Man can fly like a bird...

We featured Yves Rossy, the Swiss 'bird-man', in a previous post on this Blog. At that stage, he had achieved a life-long dream of being able to fly like a bird. He achieved this through years of experimentation, with a set of custom built wings with model jet engines attached, strapped to his back.

If this feat was not enough, a few days ago, he managed to cross the English Channel. Starting from a height of 2500m above France, he flew almost 35km, landing safely in England by parachute.

We salute this pioneer and look forward to his next flying endeavours. Word has it that he is looking to cross the Grand Canyon next. His sponsor Hublot, are naturally happy with the success of the venture and the exposure achieved - just reward for their generous and substantial sponsorship of this project.

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