Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Indoor Climbing "Wonderwall"

“The concept of the artificial climbing wall began in the UK. The first wall was created in 1964 at Leeds University by Don Robinson, a lecturer in Physical Education and founder of DR Climbing Walls, by inserting pieces of rock into a corridor wall. The first commercial wall was built in Sheffield, traditionally England's centre for climbing due to its proximity to the Peak District” That according to Wikipedia, is how it all started.

On our travels, in and around Johannesburg last week came across a fantastic indoor climbing facility called the “Wonderwall Climbing Gym” situated in the Kya Sands area.

Upon arrival it was incredibly encouraging observing, just how busy the gym was and how both genders and all age groups, have taken to this activity as a fun way of toning muscle and maintaining high fitness levels.

Participants are essentially put through the exercise rigors of mountaineering, in a safe and controlled environment, creating a perfect starting platform for aspirant young climbers to learn. It also appears to be somewhat sociable with friends working out together while just having a good time.

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