Monday, 1 September 2008

Kitesboarding , How it all started.

The discovery of Kiteboarding is largely attributed to the efforts of two visionary brothers Dominique and Bruno Legaignoux. Devoted sailing enthusiasts; having received several accolades most notably that of 1979 French Junoir champions, they embarked upon a life of adventure with their aim being to sail around the world.

In 1983 after being apart for a year they got together in Senagal where they spent many hours discussing and debating sail design, with kites being its natural progression. Enthused by having observed the actions of a BirdSail rider, (a windsurf type sail of the time designed for elevated lift to promote longer jumps); the brothers began work in Hann's Bay, Dakar, pioneering what would later become a world wide watersport phenomenon.

On November 16th 1984,Dominique and Bruno Legaignoux applied for their first patent on an inflatable wing structure and then subsequently lead the way by manufacturing many innovative kitesbording prototypes.

Today the sport is a fully established industry with competitions, DVD's, magazines and a dedicated global following. It is enjoyed in a variety of locations throughout the world with South Africa proudly boasting several of its hotspots.

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