Saturday, 6 September 2008

Mechanical Spider

South African news channel e-News, this morning ran a fascinating storey about a giant mechanical spider strutting its stuff as part of the “Liverpool, European Capital of Culture 2008”anniatiative.

It immediately reminded me of the movie “Wild Wild West,” where the villain played by Kenneth Branagh, reeks havoc from the deck of a very similar looking machine, except his had lots of cannons and wasn’t shy to use them. Who knows what would have happened if Will Smith wasn’t Sheriff.

The three storey arachnid now roaming the streets of Liverpool, not to mention climbing the sides of its buildings, was created by a French arts collective called La Machine, and is one of many facets that make up, what is essentially an enormous piece of street theatre.

TimesOnline, in the week ran the headline “Huge mechanical spider to attack Liverpool” and had this to say, “When the beast - dubbed La Princess - wakes up on Friday morning, her legs will stretch out to nearly twice their length. Office workers had better beware because apparently she won't be in a good mood,”

Never fear though, like the west had their no nonsense sheriff, Liverpool has Steven Gerrad……..Be afraid spider, be very afraid.

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