Saturday, 13 September 2008

Mike Perry, Adventure Personality and Snake Expert

Is this man mad we ask ourselves?

The answer quite truthfully is no. Mike Perry is in fact a highly respected authority on snakes and has featured in several wildlife documentaries. Why snakes though?

Mike first became interested in snakes in 1963 and was eight years old at the time; just two years later at 10; he started catching them and has never looked back. From there it grew into his life’s work, and today, snake courses, anti-venom supply and captive breeding is what he happily call works. His business is “African Reptile & Venom” and is situated near to Fourways in Johannesburg.

The snake handling courses are registered with FGASA and are highly recommended for anybody involved in activity where they are likely to come into contact with these often dangerous creatures. Traditionally the courses are attended by people who work outdoors in snake prevalent areas such as miners and developers. Interestingly, more and more adventure activity enthusiasts such as mountain bikers, hunters and trail walkers are also seeing the value in taking them.

Then there’s "African Reptile & Venom, Adventure Safaris," if you want to see snakes in their natural habitat as well as the Big Five, Mike offers tours into the African bush that you will have to go a long way to beat. Who better to go into the bush with than one of South Africa’s leading conservationists as well as a renowned snake expert?

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