Wednesday, 10 September 2008

SA National Parks Week

News that will no doubt prove to be of interest is that SANParks have announced free access to most national parks in the Cape, from September 22nd through to the 26th, in celebration of SA National Parks Week.

SA National Parks Week was first launched in 2006 and was done so in order to allow South Africans who don’t have the financial means, to also experience the beauty and splendor our parks have to offer. The aim according to SANParks is to cultivate pride in the country’s natural, cultural and historical heritage under the theme ‘Know Your National Parks’.

On those days, because its flower season, (the only time of the year that they show sustainable income) three parks will be charging their normal fee; the Tankwa Karoo, West Coast and Namaqua National Parks. Boulders at Table Mountain National Park, will also charge entry fee as per usual.

In their communication SANParks highlighted the importance of conservation and appreciation of natural heritage, especially among young people. They added that the initiative is also an opportunity to showcase all national parks as affordable local holiday destinations, particularly for families. would like to say “A Big Thank You” to SANParks and encourage all South Africans to spread the word. For more information on this brilliant initiative, click HERE to visit the SANParks website.

(Photo, courtesy of African Reptile & Venom Adventure Safaris)

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