Thursday, 4 September 2008

Paintball or Football "Wayne Rooney"

Being involved with does require regular research, in order to better understand the many activities we write about. While scouting the net for both information and ideas pertaining to the ever popular activity of Paintball, we came across “Delta Force Paintball” a UK based paintball operation that definitely looked to be the market leader over there.

It was on their website where we found Wayne “Rambo” Rooney, as well as his Manchester United and England teammate Rio Ferdinand. What we want to know is, did Wayne Rooney attack from the start, and did Rio Ferdinand play his usual pivotal role, defending?

Nonetheless, if shooting paint filled, breakable gelatin balls at friends from an automatic weapon powered by compressed air, is your idea of fun, we say “Good for You!” It really is an exciting and enjoyable activity and there are plenty of South African venues to choose from.

Try it, you will most definitely have a ball ... on the arm, on the neck, on the thigh,.....

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