Monday, 29 September 2008

Paintball: Speedball vs Bushball

I recently authored a Bushball vs Paintball paragraph to appear on the “Point Blank Paintball” listing page, explaining as best I could, the not so subtle differences between Speedball and Bushball with respect to the two disciplines, paintball presents us with.

Firstly, let me clarify upfront, I am by no stretch of the imagination a paintball expert. I have played it a few times, do thoroughly enjoy it, and will be the first to recommend it to anybody, so when reading, please keep in mind that my opinions aren’t those of a connoisseur.

Busball Vs Paintball

These represent two contrasting variations of paintball activity, each with its own set of rules and skill requirements. Speedball is essential played on an open course where barriers are set up in strategic configuration and is essentially about advancing forward in high pressure rapid fire situations, whereas Bushball, played in open bush, is more hide hunt and anticipation, both make for tremendous fun. Of the two, Speedball is all out action played at high pace, it encourages players to develop their shooting skills and builds character by simulating war zone type attacks, in a fun outdoor environment. Bushball presents that silent anticipation of knowing that something’s coming and strategizing accordingly. does have two excellent Speedball venues and one brilliant Bushball battle zone, listed in the Johannesburg area.

For Bushball we highly recommend “The Woods Paintball.” Situated in the suburb of Fourways , our site traffic stats show that it is a favorite.

"Point-Blank-Paintball," is a great speedball venue located in the Johannesburg countryside area of Muldersdrift, they share premises with a local hotel / conference centre and offer great paintball along with great facilities for Teambuilding.

Then there’s "Pantball City." They are situated in the East Rand and have been around forever, Paintball city is a paintball institution.

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