Sunday, 21 September 2008

The Rooivalk - Looping a Helicopter

By all accounts the weather did indeed play along yesterday and thousands of people flocked to Ysterplat Airforce Base, in Cape Town, to watch a feast of Aerial Ballet.

As we mentioned in the previous post, the Airforce have an excellent representation at AAD and one of the highlights was the Rooivalk attack Helicopter. The Rooivalk is a South African designed and manufactured helicopter, which was built to world-class standards.

Many experts feel that if it was not for the arms embargo that prevented the designers integrating the missile launch platform with standard US and International Missiles, the Rooivalk would have received export orders from around the world.

In the video above, the Rooivalk demonstrates it's incredible manouverability. It is one of the few helicopters in the world that can actually do a full loop - without cheating!

If helicopters have always fascinated you, why don't you get on down to the AAD Airshow, which is on again today - or better still, book a ride in a Huey and go on a simulated low-level attack mission along the Cape Peninsula. If you are not in Cape Town, you will find more Helicopter Adventures and Scenic flights on the website.

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