Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Segway in SA

Amidst much hype and speculation, in December 2001 the Segway was unveiled on American news program, “Good Morning America.” It’s taken a while to become established in South Africa, it is however now, with operators in Cape Town, Sun City and Durban Beachfront, gaining in popularity.

The Segway Personal Transporter was invented by Dean Kamen and is nothing short of genius. A combination of computers and motors situated at its base, essentially respond to body movement. Holding the “Lean Steer” handlebars, if you tilt to the left, you turn to the left; leaning forward creates forward motion, back backwards, and right needless to say will result in a right turn, all this happens while Gyroscopic sensors keep its balance in check. met with Segway KZN expecting it to be all about beachfront tours, we soon discovered that there is a lot more to their operation than just fun in the sun. They offer Teambuilding, Promotions, and Advertising in Motion, as well as Corporate Hire, they also sell them should you wish to purchase one. My understanding is that there are several models to choose from, and that after sales backup service, is all part of the deal.

Operating from Suncoast Casino & Entertainment World, the guided tours will take you around that venue, and along Durban’s famed Golden Mile. The segway gets up to 20kl per hour hence participants, as a safety precaution, are required to wear helmets.

As adventure activity goes, these tours are exceptionally well priced and look to be a tremendous amount of fun. To find out more follow the link and if you do wish to participate, booking is advisable.

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