Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Soweto Experience

In recent post called “Adventure in Soweto” I made reference to Lebo’s Soweto Backpackers and the guided cycle tours they offer, I used the opportunity to commended them on a brilliant concept and whished them the best of luck. What Lebo and his team do is, they sell the Soweto experience, and have a lot of fun in the process.

I have since had the pleasure of visiting Soweto Backpackers and meeting both Lebo and Maria in person. Keeping in mind that what they do is unique to the point that they have had coverage on Morning Live (local morning television news show) a feature in the business section of the Sunday times, and they were also interviewed on SAFM radio, which is where I first heard of them, I felt honored.

We sat outside in the courtyard area and discussed business in general really, it was a beautiful day and from where we were sitting we could see the kids in the park across the way kicking a soccer ball around and just enjoying themselves as kids do. Lebo and Maria are both excellent people and meeting them was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, they are passionate about Soweto and want to share its amazing atmosphere with everybody.

In the “Adventure in Soweto” post we made reference to their cycle tours and all the interesting places they stop at. Additional activities they offer include a visit to the informal settlement Kliptown, where the Freedom charter was signed in 1955, and if you are in a party mood, you can join them at the nightclubs, local pubs and festivals.

Thanks to Lebo and Maria for a very enjoyable morning on Saturday, and next time I visit, it will be for cycle trip and will I be bringing friends along…..cheers all the best.

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