Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Surfing, The Biggest Wave Ever.

AdventureEscapades.co.za recently ran a series of posts on the “Red Bull Big Wave Africa” event, held annually at NoordeHoek beach Cape Town where in August month particularly, the waves are renowned for peaking at colossal heights.

One of the many aspects that make for surfing culture is the abundance of urban myths that go with the territory. AdventureEscapades.co.za is yet to meet a surfer, pro or armature, that doesn’t have the most amazing stories to tell.

It would appear that the greatest moments in surfing, occur when there are no cameras around, and go onto become campfire legend.

If one were to ask the question, who is credited with surfing the biggest wave ever ? The official answer would have to be, Mike Parsons who on January 5, 2008, was photographed surfing a wave that the Billabong XXL, judged to be 70+ feet.

Then there is Ken Bradshaw who at Outer Log Cabins, Oahu, on the 28th of January 1998, rode a wave that was probably in excess of 80 feet tall. Regrettably, there is no photo, only video footage shot from long distance and partly obstructed by a smaller wave in front of it.

Several other surfers went out that day, and no doubt did spectacular things. Buzzy Kerbox is suspected to have ridden the biggest of them all, with his wave having broken closest to the channel.

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