Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Thunder City - Puma Helicopter

Thunder City, the Cape Town based organisation that has the largest civilian owned collection of ex-military fighter jets, has just added a fully refurbished Puma Helicopter to their fleet.

The SA 330 Puma was originally built by Sud Aviation and the first two prototypes flew on the 15th April 1965. In 1978, the Puma became the first Helicopter, outside the Soviet Union, to be certified for all weather conditions, including know icing.

By 1987, 697 had been sold and AĆ©rospatiale, the new owners, then began selling a new upgraded and improved version, called the Super Puma. Both the Puma and the Oryx (a South African version of the Super Puma), have seen service for a number of years in the South African Airforce.

In recent years, they have assumed more of a peacetime role and played a vital part in the rescue of a few hundred passengers of a shipwrecked cruise ship off the Wild Coast - a treachourous stretch of coastline between Durban and East London. They are also regularly used in humanitarian efforts in both South Africa and our neighbouring countries.

If you would like a chance to ride in one of these amazing machines, head on down to Thunder City for a once in a lifetime experience. Thunder City have also got a fleet of, four flying English Electric Lightnings, three BAE Buccaneers, seven Hawker Hunters and a Strikemaster.

Emilio Titus, Thunder City's newly appointed CEO, is on a mission to broaden their client base, who are already made up of clients from the US, UK and Europe. He is now focusing on the Middle East and Asia and believes that these markets have tremendous potential. This is good news for Adventure Tourism in South Africa in general and we look forward to an influx of new visitors to South Africa.

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