Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Tips for Travelers – Internet Access

Today's post is a slight departure from our regular theme. As I was sitting down to prepare the post, my Internet Connection was summarily terminated.

In most developed countries, the Internet has become an essential and reliable resource like water and electricity. Unfortunately, South African Internet Access is still very unreliable and often expensive.

If you are travelling to SA for your Adventure Tourism holiday, you will however have a number of different options to keep in touch with your online social network. Firstly, you could make use of public internet access. This is widely available and the price varies from expensive at Hotels and Airports, to reasonably priced at any one of 223 PostNet Business Service Centres around SA. Backpacker Hostels usually also have Internet Access, but terminals are often limited and you may have to wait.

If you have your own Laptop, you can choose between wireless ISP Iburst or access via 3G / HSDPA, via one of three Mobile Operators. You will need a modem and can buy Prepaid Data Airtime at reasonable rates. Coverage is reasonable in Major Centres (HSDPA), but drops down to EDGE or GPRS in other areas. Beware however, that data bundles purchased expire in 30 days, regardless of whether you have used up your whole bundle or not!! This is not communicated clearly when purchasing a bundle and is totally opposite to how prepaid airtime works.

One final tip - If you are bringing your own modem from overseas, make sure it is not locked to a specific network, as it may then not work on the three networks in SA. If you are buying one here, it will cost you about R1500, which includes a prepaid sim card.

The information above may at first glance appear unnecessary, but one of the best parts of any Adventure Activity, is sharing your experience with all your friends and family about the experience - and lest we forget, accessing to find your ultimate Adventure Experience.

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