Thursday, 25 September 2008

Wonderwall Climbing Gym

An Adventure Activity that has become incredibly popular is indoor climbing especially in the Johannesburg region, where there are several climbing gyms to choose from.

Tucked away just past the Northgate shopping centre area, in the industrial district of Kya Sands, is an excellent facility called “Wonderwall” which, is proud to be associated with. I have now been to the venue twice, and on both occasions I left enthralled by the involvement and enthusiasm with which Keith and his team, go about running their business.

What makes this sport exciting is that firstly, it seems to be a lot of fun, secondly, it is both physically demanding and challenging, so what better way to stay in shape than to have a laugh with friends, while spurring each other on to take it to the next level. The added advantage being they trade long hours and it’s not weather depended, in other words, it is an activity that can fit in with your busy schedule.

It is exceedingly evident that a lot of thought went into developing the gym to meet all climber requirements, to provide a place for enthusiasts to feel at home, and to ensure that the environment is also spectator friendly.

Services include a fully equipped bar and restaurant, a 3m high bouldering cave, gear rentals and sales, locker facilities for valuables, and the always handy changeroom facility. They also provide beginner training and accommodate for corporate events, as well as children’s birthday parties

Well done to the team at “Wonderwall” on excellent offering, I look forward to my next visit.

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