Sunday, 14 September 2008

Zorbing, Life In A Bubble

In a past Blog post, we featured the adventure activity of Zorbing (Sphereing) in which we gave a lengthy explanation as to what it entails. It’s essentially about climbing into a giant synthetic see through orb and rolling down a hill, apparently reaching speeds of up to 25mph. The plastic is soft, so one imagines it to be somewhat like being inside a giant beach ball.

At the time we mentioned that if there are any South African Zorbing operators, they hadn’t yet appeared on the radar. The good news is we are happy to report, that it has indeed rolled its way to our shores, and that South Africa now boasts at least one Zorbing vendor.

There is a Port Elizabeth based adventure company call Green Adventures who in truth, we don’t know too much about other than that they have come up with a brilliant idea. Most of the activities we feature we have in some or other way been involved in or at least participated in, Zorbing not yet, its definitely something that’s on the agenda though.

What we can say for sure is, there are amazingly high sand dunes around the Port Elizabeth area and from what we can gather, this is what’s used to get the ball rolling, so to speak. Having had zero experience of this, I can only make assumptions; nonetheless I somehow envisage that the steepness of the Eastern Cape dunes, combined with the softness of the sand, makes for perfect Zorbing.

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