Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Adventure in Morocco

We often get e-mails coming through from people in the adventure industry that are doing interesting and amazing things. It looks as though these guys are a Moroccan based outfit and do some exciting trekking in the Atlas Mountains; the following is their communiquƩ exactly as it came through:

Meeting the Berber culture and its peopleĆ¢?¦ Toubkal-trekking is a specialist adventure organisater offering high-quality group mountain biking and walking tours in and around The Atlas Mountains, as well as tailor-made holidays for individuals and private Groups. The organisater is moroccan and managed from Marrakech by People passionate and knowledgeable about Morocco and experienced in the field of adventure travel.

The objective of us is taking adventurous visitors off the beaten track to experience and enjoy the extraordinary beauty and unique character of Morocco. If you re' planning to do trekking in the mountains, in Sahara or in the coasts of Morocco, Contact the greatest mountain guide BOUINBADEN Mohamed , he is one of the first Mountain guide in Morocco, and he is the only who has found the itineraries of the Atlas Mountains.

With his team, they will offer all you need to spend a great and unforgettable trip that you have never imagine! began trekking to the atlas ranges & Sahara , or over the coasts, with a series of treks, possibly spending each night at a different place and overnight in Refuges, Guest houses, camps mountain huts, or with nomads.

Mules carry your food, equipment and your personal gear. One mule is usually needed for every 2-3 trekkers all you need carry is your day sac, camera, waterbottle, sweater etc... On the trek, the tracks, are normally in good condition, the mountain paths are usually a little rougher and sometimes contain stretches of scree, Or the Sahara dunes. Walking varies from 4 to 8 hours per day, with plenty of breaks and a long lunch stop.

Trekking in the atlas, Sahara , over coast, will bring you into close contact with the Berbers, and you are encouraged to mix with these friendly people you well find your trip greatly enhanced by close contact with nomads and villages life which has changed little over the centuries and is almost medieval in many areas. we want to do a partenariat with your agency , we organise trekking in morocco with low costs. for further information visit our Web site: best regards.

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