Sunday, 26 October 2008

And the best way to see Durban Harbour...

This is probably one of the longest slideshows that we have ever put up on the Blog. However, we think that it is warranted as it takes you through the journey that we have just been on.

At a bit of a loss on a Sunday, we decided to head on down to Wilson's Wharf and try out the Harbour Cruise offered by Isle of Capri.

The cost for the one hour Sea Cruise was under R200 for 2 Adults and 2 Children, and I have to say, you sure get your money's worth! We were well taken care of by our host, who even took the time to apologise for our delayed departure, as we were still waiting for some passangers to arrive.

The large Motor Boat turned on a tickey and we were out of Wilson's Wharf in a flash. After a short while, Bennie started a running commentary on facts, figures and information about Durban Harbour. My experience is that these sessions are often exceptionally boring and one often cannot hear the actual commentary as the outside noise is too loud and/or the PA system is from the Stone Ages.

Quite the contrary in this case - the commentary was crystal clear and the talk was really interesting. I did not realise that Durban is the biggest and busiest Natural Port in the Southern Hemisphere for one, and if that was not enough, they are busy on a R3.5 Billion project to expand the harbour mouth to accommodate even bigger vessels (see pictures above).

Unfortunately, the wind on the day had picked up to such an extent that the swells were getting pretty big. For those who had elected to get a better view from the front of the boat, a watery fate awaited them and they soon came rushing back, looking like drowned rats.

At one stage, just before exiting the Harbour Mouth, the swell was getting so big that it felt like we were going down a Roller Coaster. The younger ones were getting a tad unsettled at this point and our host politely turned the boat around. We were still however able to get a good view of the Durban Coastline and started the journey back.

On the way back, we passed a huge ship which looked like a floating parking garage. Once again, we were given a running commentary on this thriving segment of the harbour and our economy, and learnt loads more about the vehicle import/export markets.

Back on dry land, we were carefully helped off the boat. This operation is very professional and friendly and once again, is one of the best value-for-money adventure experiences that we have come across. They operate daily, and have frequent trips throughout the day, so you have no excuse not to give this one a go if you are in the area.

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