Thursday, 23 October 2008

Cool Runnings, Best Value, Great Fun

Yesterday I got to spend the afternoon at Cool Runnings in Durbanville Cape Town and have to say, if ever there is an activity that under promises and OVER delivers, This is it.

Although Gary had previously rated this activity very highly, (the other blogger who frequents this page) I made assumptions based on price and at R15 a ride, Hell! What do you get for that? A pint of beer at best if you’re that way inclined.

The Cool Runnings activity is essentially dry climate tobogganing on a track resembling a waterslide, it is however made of steel paneling and zig zags down a very long hill.

The way it works is you climb onto a cart at the bottom of the track, you get given a nudge round the first bend at which point the cart hooks onto a cable, the cable then pulls you up a hill more or less the length of two back to back football fields. As soon you reach the top, the cart roles onto the track at which point your ride begins.

The cart come sled, glides on wheels and is designed to fit snuggly underneath you. It is made of a strong plastic compound with a hollow at its backend in which participants seat themselves in. You sit upright with legs slightly bent while your feet push up against the footholds at the front. The brake is mounted at the centre between your knees and your handling of it, is what determines the type of ride you have.

You actually lean forward towards your knees and use your hands to hold the break down, this releases it. The break which resembles a cars gear lever, totally controls the speed at which you go, so if you find that the goings to fast, it can be gently eased up to take a bit of pace off, or not so gently to take a lot of pace off, whichever the situation calls for.

For the speed demons, there’s definitely something in it for you, running the course without using the break, is not for the fainthearted. Once you get a feel for it and really let go, you rocket round the bends far faster than I ever anticipated, it really is something special. If you do build up a head of speed, you have to lean into the curves as you would a motorbike, in saying that, the cart does handle easily and doesn’t take long to get the hang of.

At R15 a ride, R30 for 3 and other bulk buy discounts, Cool Runnings categorically represents the best value for money I have ever encountered for Adventure Activity. It is both addictive and affordable, well done to Cool Runnings on a brilliant initiative.

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