Friday, 24 October 2008

Feel The Thunder is thrilled to announce that the newest activity operator to list on our humble adventure web portal; is one that is truly supersonic offering participants a unique opportunity to experience what its like, to break the sound barrier high above the skies of Cape Town.

Thunder City, Cape Town South Africa, is home to the largest civilian owned collection of ex-military jets and boasts the worlds only four flying English Electric Lightning’s, three BAE Buccaneers, seven Hawker Hunter’s, a Strikemaster, as well as a glass cockpit Puma helicopter SA 330. All aircraft are meticulously maintained and housed at the Thunder City base.

There are various Jet fighter flight profiles to choose from, ultra high, aerobatic, surface-hugging, formation flying, or a combination of all. A typical Sortie involves shooting across to Cape Agulus, heading back around Cape Point, rocketing to very high altitudes above Table Mountain, and then just for good measure, shooting past Robben Island as you bullet up the West Coast.

If that isn’t enough to get the blood racing, imagine taking off in an English Electric Lightning, rocketing straight up to 50 000 Ft, where at the Apex of the climb, you get to view the Earth’s curvature in all her splendor.

One word of warning though, in yesterday’s post we featured Cool Runnings Tobogganing at R15 a ride ….. Mmmm …Please note, this ones a little more expensive, :) you are however paying for what has to be the Ultimate.

Photograph: English Electric Lightning Over Cape Town, Photographer Frans Dely,, Contact + 2782 440 2707

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