Monday, 27 October 2008

Fun in Cape Town

In today’s Blog I just want to say thank you to all in Cape Town who have made my stay an absolute rip. To Laurie from Cool Runnings, had so much fun there on Wednesday, and at the risk of sounding like a stuck record, (vinyl, what we used before compact disks) there is no better value for money anywhere in Adventure Activity, than this very unique offering. I want to try and make another turn there before I leave.

To Trevor Knutson who wants me to go 4 X 4 ing with him in an open jeep on the Sand dunes at Atlantis, and to Chris, Gary’s dad who has offered to take me for a flight around the peninsula, all very cool, I feel spoilt THANK YOU.

The one that really excites me though is I am going paragliding with Steff from Para-Pax before leaving on Thursday, Paragliding is something I have never tried before and have to say, from the photos on his listing page, it looks awesome.

And then the REAL REAL highlight of week, to those in the above pic, and Kyra as well, can’t wait to see you guys, miss you lots and lots XXXXX . There’s no place like home, and well done to the Sharks. (And Liverpool) :)

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