Friday, 31 October 2008

Huey With A History

I have been dealing quite a bit lately with some really good people from the Huey Helicopter Co and like most in the adventure industry; they are passionate about what they do. Those who read my post earlier in the week will already be aware that they operate Huey Flights out of the V & A Waterfront in Cape Town and offer spectacular jaunts around the world’s most scenic peninsula.

I clearly recall from some years ago, there was a significant amount of press coverage in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina about a South African who had purchased a Huey from Fort Rucker, Alabama USA, that wasn’t forthcoming. It surfaced that the machine had been commandeered without consent by a sheriff who needed it as rescue vehicle and felt that the situation had warranted it.

The difficulty in essence, was getting it back to its rightful owner which in the end happened as a result of a federal court order. Prior to that, this particular Huey although mostly used for training new pilots; did complete two tours in Vietnam with the 129th & 162nd AHC (Assault Helicopter Company)

At its new home in Cape Town this remarkable machine has been meticulously restored to its original military livery and looked after by a team of dedicated pilots, engineers and ground crew, who are ready and waiting, to share the Huey experience with you.

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