Saturday, 4 October 2008

Kiteboarding in Cape Town - Well sort of...

So you thought you needed a Kite to Kite Board? Well, Yes and No! South African's are known to be fairly innovative creatures and in this video you can see what happens when you put together a Saffa, a Landie and a KiteBoard!

Speaking of innovation, this past week saw the launch of an Uber-Sexy new Electric Car, called the Joule. The Joule was conceptualised, designed and built in South Africa, by South Africans. It is definitely not the first Electric Car to hit the market, but is one of the more stylish cars I have seen in a while.

The manufacturer claims an overnight charge will give 7 hours of driving time. That sounds great in principle, but there are still a couple of questions I would like answered before I trade in my gas guzzler for this green alternative :)

For more details, check out this video which includes some footage of the launch.

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