Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Land Rover Gear, On-Line

One of my all time favorite adventure brands has to be that of Land Rover, they have been around FOREVER and are synonymous with overland exploration and trailblazing of the highest order. It is also the brand of choice for world renowned humanitarian and adventurer extodinair, Kingsley Holgate.

The shopping centre nearest to where I stay is Gateway in Umlanga Rocks Durban, and usually after much pointless protest, when I do get dragged off to "The Mall," I needless to say can’t resist visiting the Land Rover Gear Shop, just to have a quick peak, at what’s new in adventure apparel.

The other day in doing so, I found out something I thought to be interesting, and worthy of mention. Managing Director of Land Rover Gear South Africa is none other than well known South African adventure personality, Chester Foster. Chester’s passions include running, hiking, paddling (most disciplines), mountain biking, fishing and his greatest love, adventure racing.

Close to our own hearts, they have now entered into the fascinating world of e-commerce, and do boast one of best websites ( I have seen in a very long time. Besides great pic’s and lots of interesting info, the site essentially allows enthusiasts to purchase Land Rover Gear without having to, well … their Land Rover to the dreaded Mall. commends them on a brilliant site, a brilliant concept, and wishes them everything of the best.

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